Scryer Prolog documentation

Module tabling

:- use_module(library(tabling)).

Tabling, also called SLG resolution.

SLG resolution is an alternative execution strategy that sometimes helps to improve termination and performance characters of Prolog predicates.

To enable this execution strategy for a Prolog predicate, add a (table)/1 directive, using the prefix operator table that this module defines. For example, to enable tabling for the predicate p/2, use:

:- use_module(library(tabling)).

:- table p/2.


The possibility to apply different execution strategies is one of the greatest attractions of pure Prolog code, and one of the strongest arguments for keeping to the pure core of Prolog as far as possible.

Scryer Prolog implements tabling as described by Desouter et al. in Tabling as a Library with Delimited Control.